MeDia Coverage

Some of the media coverage we’ve received over the years. From Magazines, to blogs, and live television.


Michigan Tea week Covered by hour Detroit

“What we want Michigan Tea Week to be about is telling the story of tea in Michigan,” says Elias Majid, owner of Eli Tea Bar in Birmingham and founder of the celebratory week. “How are people drinking it? What are they eating with it? And what does that mean in modern-day America? We’re a heterogeneous culture from around the world.”


Michigan Tea + cOFFEE COVERED BY Live in The D

See Detroit Kombucha Brewing Company talk about kombucha, Eli Tea with Cheese Tea, and New Order Coffee on their different roasts.


Michigan tea + coffee covered by The neighborhoods detroit

…Michigan Tea + Coffee Week is important because it allows Detroiters and Michiganders as a whole to take ownership of our food scene. ‘